Sausage Party in the House!

OMG how can I get lucky enough to have this kind of party? I mean I have friends over, but it never gets this crazy!! Maybe I need more friends?? I can just invite everyone over to watch some man ass….;)

I love how shocked all our participants are when the first stripper comes out, almost like its too good to be true. Our first boy comes out ready to go if you know what I mean ;) And he wastes no time getting his dick wet. The camera angle is great, seeing the variety of the different styles of blowjobs these guys give. And I have to say, there isn’t a bad one out there. Seriously! There’s the fast and hard, the savory, the tongue dominant, the deep throat, one type for everyone! Our boy dances around tasting all the types out there till he zeros in on his “victim” who gets a nice reward for everyone’s hard work.

Our boxer comes out next, much to our happiness the shorts come off fast with nothing on underneath. If only all boxers fought that way, ho hum. Anyway, he makes our boys work for this dick! You can tell he’s the dominating sort, the way he grabs on to our boys and slides his hard cock into their mouths. Our boy in red steps to the plate and takes a nice big load on his cheek. Next time it’ll be his butt cheek ;)

Our masked avenger is up next, and the muscles on him, wooo wee!  Not to be outdone, my boy “angel” jumps in after, and makes every guy crave his dick. The best is when the guy in the black shirt starts sucking him, and “angel” moves on to the next blowjob. The look of disappointment is priceless-I really do this his hips are hypnotic, makes every guy there just crave him.

A strong start all the way to a very strong finish. A house party of dreams in this one folks!