Meat the Mascot!

This cock sucking stripper party was absolutely nuts!  From the first second I saw the sexy stripper dance into the room shaking his banana hammock, I couldn’t stop staring at his tight ass wrapped up in his small hot pink briefs.  But before I could let my fantasy of having that perfect butt spread wide open in front of me, the stud had already started the party and was grinding up on the other hotties in the room!  This stripper was hornier than the devil himself and didn’t waste any time dancing on the closest cock sitting in the place.  My friend wanted to suck his dick so bad he jumped up and started humping the stripper before he even got a chance to come through the door!  But he didn’t get to touch on the stripper’s tattooed chest and throbbing cock for long before he was off to the next group of party boys grinding his big package in dozens of guys faces.

Then the real action started when this bad boy decided not to tease me and my cock hungry friends even one second longer and whip out his nice hard dick for us to play with.  You could tell that he is a dominant guy, taking his dick and slapping each guy across the face with it before he shoved it in their mouth and made them take it deep into their throats.   He was practically sitting on top of our faces, grinding his big balls all over our chests while we licked and sucked the tip of his dick with our wagging tongues.  Mouth after mouth took his dick in and sucked it and jerked it as hard as they could until one young stud got the surprise of a big load of cum shot all over his pretty face.  I wish I had been the lucky dude that got that present!  Yum!

Just when you thought this party couldn’t get any more nuts, the strippers started coming in faster than I could get a chance to suck and tug them!  Scorching hot Firemen, sexy twink sailors, steamy Latinos with abs for days, masked mystery men, and big muscle hunks who was enough man meat for anyone!  Each stripper got to let his load go on one of my friends’ young and sexy faces, letting them lap up every last bit of their delicious stripper juice!  It was like a candy shop filled with all of my favorite cock flavored treats!  More please!

We got the Music!

The music is pumping here, and the energy is ready to go from the start! How could you not when a pretty naked boy steps on stage? ;) I LOVE the outfits are boys wear for their short time, who doesn’t like playing dress up?? The variety of guys in this episode is awesome, something for everyone here. The blowjobs are plentiful, to the point of being galore!! Its almost like each one that goes after the other is trying to outdo the last. At that point, everyone is a winner :) Our first boy is such a rebel he rips off one of the guy’s shirt to make sure he gets all his man juice all over him!

Up next, the champ is here! And with a pretty cock like that, he is the champ of many things. His perky little ass begs to be spanked, played with, and the best part is our boy knows it!! He teases our audience often. He knows exactly what they want and how much to give. Its not long before the man in the yellow stripes devours his cock! I can’t believe he was able to move on from that vacuum cleaner of a mouth! Even the DILF gets in on the action!

Nothing beats a facial with a smile!

The construction worker is up next, and its obvious; he constructs hard ons for a living! These dance moves, woof! Is this guy a professional or what?? He must be backing up Gaga or something, he’s just too sexy and talented! His touch makes him irresistible as he weaves through the crowd, lining up his next blowjob. The camera does a great job of capturing the sensuality of the blowjob, with not just the act but the craving eyes as they watch on. Such a turn on to see such great oral sex with so much hunger in the room. It turns on the crowd, himself, and the viewer! Bravo Sausage Party, bravo!