Happy Birthday

Surprise! Henry – I bet you thought we had forgot, but we called the Sausage Party because we know you love cock! It’s a birthday party, with dick wall-to-wall, a bunch of muscled dancers to enjoy for ya’ll.  Fresh young studs, strong abs and they all got a thick pipe – watch these guys suck dick and eat ass like a fruit that’s fresh ripe.  Tag-team on a dick, suck a cock and some balls – its the kind of crazy shit that makes you just pause, and stare, watch, look just admire the scene – a new dancer coming out as soon as the previous creams.

Every guy, every age would normally have to trash talk – but with dancers, its so easy, just put the lips on their stalk.  No playing, these studs are built likes colts – thick dicks and strong muscles, make a normal man choke. They drop it, they pop it, hard dicks for the tasting, a blowjob birthday party – no time for the wasting!

Its your birthday, Henry, we know you want to come out – even if we only do it at your house – have some cream and cocks on your couch, maybe a little fun after until you cry out.  You wanted passion, we think you found it – oh so much action, you were astounded – switching positions, these dancers have you surrounded.

So let this video and this post remember, when we went and got together, to celebrate – and booty shake – another birthday, best luck forever.  We don’t need to know, we know what we plan to do, it doesn’t matter where life takes you Henry, we’ll be cumming with you.

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