Not Just Blowjobs

Fuck yeah! It’s beyond ass-eating, and its not just blowjobs – tonight they got to fucking, just look at those cocks throb!

This guy sucked dick so well, the stud couldn’t take it – so he picked up the bottom, split his ass and began to shake it.  While everybody is in the place, sucking cock and eating cream – this dancer was in the back, splitting his crack by the seam! What better way to get some friends introduced than by bring out dancers, beefed up and heavy juiced, a bunch of stallions, bunch of studs, muscled up and well cut up, dicks set to rub – what can I say, its not news, it feels so good to be openly gay.

You can see these guys eat nutritious, high protein – raw eggs – as they built up their shoulders, chest, arms and legs.  Such an effort, these dancers, they come with a plan – in just a single night they can make you a man.  They do press-ups and chin-ups, the snatch clean and jerk – they consider a blowjob and tension hard work.  Just watch and listen, see them glisten, its a view – these guys are built like brick houses and ready to screw!  Some whip cream, then dick cream, a blowjob in the middle – horny guys clapping, and cheering as they fiddle with cocks on their chin and sweat from their pores, uninhibited men letting loose all their mores.

Am I silly? No I’m not – I’m simply plain drunk!  I drank too much at this party, some liquor and spunk!  So if you wish you could sing in every one of your steps, your parties require a little more pep, behold Sausage Party, a sight to behold – a little variety, once truth be told.

Hell yeah!

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