New Meat? Boys Night Out!

Nothing better than a good old boys night out!  … Especially when it include lots and LOTS of boys and their cocks dancing around you just begging to get sucked!  Feeling super horny with not one tight asshole to fuck or big hard cock to suck on, I hit up the strip club last to find some hot studs to get me off.  The club was packed with hotties in the crowd and freaky strippers who love to show off for me!

The first stripper was a total freak and he barely got on stage before he was ripping his clothes off to show me his sexy body and perfect dick.  Carrying a naughty whip he started dancing through the crowd of horny crowd of men and I could barely keep my throbbin’ dick inside my pants.  I wanted to be the first lucky dog to wrap my lips around that sweet rod he had between his legs but he ran up on another young hottie who gladly started grabbing and playing with the stripper cock.  Next thing you knew he was slobbering all over the stripper’s dick and the dancer was loving every second!  He was a kinky dude and I wanted a piece too!

The stripper couldn’t be happy with one guy.  The strip club was like a giant orgy!  Every sexy man in there wanted to touch and taste that sweet stripper snake.  The strip club was out of control!  Guys were grabbing him and sucking his dick while another friend would lick his balls and a third would have his tongue down his throat.  It was a crazy sex show and everyone got to have a steamy part!  More and more strippers with sexy abs and suckable dicks kept on coming from back stage to satisy the crowd.  A lucky few guys even got to have their faces covered in hot stripper cum – what a great souveneir ;)

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