Dick, Dick, and more DICK!!!

Wow!! I really can’t get over this site!! How is it able to find all these guys, and make it happen so easily?? We Got Sausage For Ya?? Fuck yeah you do!!

Not only is there a ton of guys, the first stripper comes out as a cop-my personal fav! Can’t resist a man in uniform!! But that uni doesn’t last long before he is butt ass naked throwing himself into the first happy customer :) The location is great, the room allows for all the participants a great view of all the happy boys swinging their dicks around! I LOVE the lighting, very hip, enough to see the boys and their toys but helps create an intimate atmosphere.

From their faces, most of these boys have no idea what they got into! I love the random dicks in people’s faces! The firs stripper-I’ll call him “Angel” cause of the tattoo on his back-wow, that boy knows how to move those hips! I swear he watches Shakira on repeat and copies those moves, the way they move so fast. Its not long before his dick is nice and hard and the blowjobs begin! And wow, are there ever a ton of blowjobs :) The attitudes of everyone is awesome, everyone loving whats going on and/or waiting for their turn next. When Angel does bust, what a beautiful face it lands on!

Our next boy is very kinky, you can tell from his outfit! Very suave man, and his dick is nice and long, what a treat! Another lucky guy gets a nice butterload all over his face-whose jealous besides this guy??? Our next “cowboy” dons his hat and boots, and shows he can straddle more than just a horse! His abs are to die for! I’d wash all my dirty underwear on that washboard. Our last boy dons a little color to him, and I do mean little. His little g-string leaves nothing to the imagination, great! :) All in all, another amazing shoot with beautiful boys and some beautiful dicks!

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