Get Them While They’re Hot

This is ridiculous – where do they find so many guys?!  I haven’t seen so much sausage since I went to the Copa in the Ft. Lauderdale – I mean, these guys are cock-hungry!

The large crowd of guys aside, my fav is the first guy – lean, caramel covered and hard as a piece of granite, coming in full swing with a body carved out of wood!  He seems almost too cocky to be there, butt ass naked but its the crowd that’s nervous seeing him lunge that meat around, wow!  From the looks on their faces, these fellas didn’t know what to expect! And did you see the Hulk?  The one with the U.S.A. themed shorts, it looks less like they’re sucking his dick and more like he’s fucking his face! Those arms, that torso, the guy is like a walking, talking piston of pure beef cake. Random dicks everywhere, but this guy is just a hunk that with a little more hair would be a papa Bear that could turn any of those pretty boys into Cubs by just walking up to them!

And you can see the crowd too – nervous at first, but a few are straight up man-sluts, grabbing a cock by the balls and going at it and gradually everyone just stares and gets hornier until – bam – everyone is sucking dick in front of their friends, cheering each other on!  Where do they get these guys?  Abs to die for, the total Adonis look, all in all, another amazing update with some magnificent men and their admiring crowds!  So if when you go clubbing, you like a hard stiff one – look no further!  Sausage for everyone, more meat than a butcher shop, these studs are killing it!

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