Big Gay House Party

Who doesn’t love staying in when there’s a party full of blowjobs?!  It’s fan-testicular!  These guys just walk out with their cock out, you can tell some of these sluts are begging for a pegging!  What I love about Sausage Party is that you can even see how they’re starting to develop their own personas, their distinct stripper traits that set them apart from all the others.  Like what you may ask?  Easy!

First and foremost you have this Zorro looking fella – hairy body, yet still so stacked and muscled that you can’t avoid noticing how he’s built, he’s a powerful daddy bear type that can grip anyone and make them swoon for that cock!  The mask, the hat, the cap – things that conceal his face enough to make you wonder if maybe you know him in real life, maybe you’ve met him but you just don’t recognize him.

And then you have this guy – ooooo ! – I love this picture, especially how clean cut he looks, white and yet not pale, the blue light from outside giving a blueish hue to his ink work, a well rounded stud enjoying the fruits of his workout and virility.  Is he looking at you?  Who knows.  All that matters is that you can’t help but look at him, whether you’re enjoying the sight of the suckjob he’s receiving, or you’re sitting in the background with a dreamy daze in mind.  And notice the jewelry on his ears – and neck!

Then you have this young buck – the same as in the main – a mixed blood, best of all worlds, thin yet masculine young blood with an increasing collection of ink up and down his body.  On top of the world, he struts like a cock doing its dance, defiant and full of bravado, sitting between two of the guys while one holds his shaft and the other licks his dick.  On top of the world, you can tell he’s only going to get more ink – and more kink!

And last but not least, we have this champion – this tyrant! – a walking juggernaut who despite apparently being older, he’s also wiser, years of muscle on his body making him as thick as a tree trunk.  I fantasize about him being military – or maybe running a dungeon – you can tell by the way he looks at the fans that he’s super dominant, super aggressive, the kind of guy that doesn’t get his dick sucked – he fucks your face!

What more can I say? Another great one! Watch the movie from this update!

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