Big Gay House Party

Who doesn’t love staying in when there’s a party full of blowjobs?!  It’s fan-testicular!  These guys just walk out with their cock out, you can tell some of these sluts are begging for a pegging!  What I love about Sausage Party is that you can even see how they’re starting to develop their own personas, their distinct stripper traits that set them apart from all the others.  Like what you may ask?  Easy!

First and foremost you have this Zorro looking fella – hairy body, yet still so stacked and muscled that you can’t avoid noticing how he’s built, he’s a powerful daddy bear type that can grip anyone and make them swoon for that cock!  The mask, the hat, the cap – things that conceal his face enough to make you wonder if maybe you know him in real life, maybe you’ve met him but you just don’t recognize him.

And then you have this guy – ooooo ! – I love this picture, especially how clean cut he looks, white and yet not pale, the blue light from outside giving a blueish hue to his ink work, a well rounded stud enjoying the fruits of his workout and virility.  Is he looking at you?  Who knows.  All that matters is that you can’t help but look at him, whether you’re enjoying the sight of the suckjob he’s receiving, or you’re sitting in the background with a dreamy daze in mind.  And notice the jewelry on his ears – and neck!

Then you have this young buck – the same as in the main – a mixed blood, best of all worlds, thin yet masculine young blood with an increasing collection of ink up and down his body.  On top of the world, he struts like a cock doing its dance, defiant and full of bravado, sitting between two of the guys while one holds his shaft and the other licks his dick.  On top of the world, you can tell he’s only going to get more ink – and more kink!

And last but not least, we have this champion – this tyrant! – a walking juggernaut who despite apparently being older, he’s also wiser, years of muscle on his body making him as thick as a tree trunk.  I fantasize about him being military – or maybe running a dungeon – you can tell by the way he looks at the fans that he’s super dominant, super aggressive, the kind of guy that doesn’t get his dick sucked – he fucks your face!

What more can I say? Another great one! Watch the movie from this update!

Get Them While They’re Hot

This is ridiculous – where do they find so many guys?!  I haven’t seen so much sausage since I went to the Copa in the Ft. Lauderdale – I mean, these guys are cock-hungry!

The large crowd of guys aside, my fav is the first guy – lean, caramel covered and hard as a piece of granite, coming in full swing with a body carved out of wood!  He seems almost too cocky to be there, butt ass naked but its the crowd that’s nervous seeing him lunge that meat around, wow!  From the looks on their faces, these fellas didn’t know what to expect! And did you see the Hulk?  The one with the U.S.A. themed shorts, it looks less like they’re sucking his dick and more like he’s fucking his face! Those arms, that torso, the guy is like a walking, talking piston of pure beef cake. Random dicks everywhere, but this guy is just a hunk that with a little more hair would be a papa Bear that could turn any of those pretty boys into Cubs by just walking up to them!

And you can see the crowd too – nervous at first, but a few are straight up man-sluts, grabbing a cock by the balls and going at it and gradually everyone just stares and gets hornier until – bam – everyone is sucking dick in front of their friends, cheering each other on!  Where do they get these guys?  Abs to die for, the total Adonis look, all in all, another amazing update with some magnificent men and their admiring crowds!  So if when you go clubbing, you like a hard stiff one – look no further!  Sausage for everyone, more meat than a butcher shop, these studs are killing it!

Thank You for the HUGE SAUSAGE!

Wow guys!  This has to be the biggest meat stick I’ve ever seen! :)   And I’m not talking about your mom’s homemade Italian sausage.  I went to this new male strip club with my fellow dick loving friends and saw quite an interesting show!  As soon as we say down a sexy gyrating stripper bust through the back doors donning nothing other than a hilarious giant hot dog costume!  It made us all smile not just cause it was hilarious because I couldn’t help wondering how big his sausage underneath the costume was.  But I got to find out soon when he whipped out his cock and started dancing in the other boys faces, letting them take his dick into their mouths and suck on it.  Some dudes sucked it fast, some guys gave a slower BJ, but all those tongues working together must have gotten him off because he shot a huge load onto one lucky guys face.  That twink couldn’t wipe the smile or all that cum off his face for the rest of the super hot and sexy show!

The next stripper that came out was BUFF!  His arms, his chest, the cuts in his lower abs…his tight ass…were all perfect, practically begging me to rub my hands and lips all over his entire body.  This stripper had the guys in the club begging for his attention as he swung his big dick in circles, showing off the main attraction.

Then came the twinky cowboy, the cut  Latino, the young dick hungry party boy, and yet another beefed up hunky jock.  I couldn’t even believe the dick sucking action that was going on.  It was a full on oral sex party.  Hot!  I wonder if the strippers are always this horny and this big sausage party happens every night at the club?  You bet your balls that I’ll be there next Thursday to find out!

New Meat? Boys Night Out!

Nothing better than a good old boys night out!  … Especially when it include lots and LOTS of boys and their cocks dancing around you just begging to get sucked!  Feeling super horny with not one tight asshole to fuck or big hard cock to suck on, I hit up the strip club last to find some hot studs to get me off.  The club was packed with hotties in the crowd and freaky strippers who love to show off for me!

The first stripper was a total freak and he barely got on stage before he was ripping his clothes off to show me his sexy body and perfect dick.  Carrying a naughty whip he started dancing through the crowd of horny crowd of men and I could barely keep my throbbin’ dick inside my pants.  I wanted to be the first lucky dog to wrap my lips around that sweet rod he had between his legs but he ran up on another young hottie who gladly started grabbing and playing with the stripper cock.  Next thing you knew he was slobbering all over the stripper’s dick and the dancer was loving every second!  He was a kinky dude and I wanted a piece too!

The stripper couldn’t be happy with one guy.  The strip club was like a giant orgy!  Every sexy man in there wanted to touch and taste that sweet stripper snake.  The strip club was out of control!  Guys were grabbing him and sucking his dick while another friend would lick his balls and a third would have his tongue down his throat.  It was a crazy sex show and everyone got to have a steamy part!  More and more strippers with sexy abs and suckable dicks kept on coming from back stage to satisy the crowd.  A lucky few guys even got to have their faces covered in hot stripper cum – what a great souveneir ;)

Dick, Dick, and more DICK!!!

Wow!! I really can’t get over this site!! How is it able to find all these guys, and make it happen so easily?? We Got Sausage For Ya?? Fuck yeah you do!!

Not only is there a ton of guys, the first stripper comes out as a cop-my personal fav! Can’t resist a man in uniform!! But that uni doesn’t last long before he is butt ass naked throwing himself into the first happy customer :) The location is great, the room allows for all the participants a great view of all the happy boys swinging their dicks around! I LOVE the lighting, very hip, enough to see the boys and their toys but helps create an intimate atmosphere.

From their faces, most of these boys have no idea what they got into! I love the random dicks in people’s faces! The firs stripper-I’ll call him “Angel” cause of the tattoo on his back-wow, that boy knows how to move those hips! I swear he watches Shakira on repeat and copies those moves, the way they move so fast. Its not long before his dick is nice and hard and the blowjobs begin! And wow, are there ever a ton of blowjobs :) The attitudes of everyone is awesome, everyone loving whats going on and/or waiting for their turn next. When Angel does bust, what a beautiful face it lands on!

Our next boy is very kinky, you can tell from his outfit! Very suave man, and his dick is nice and long, what a treat! Another lucky guy gets a nice butterload all over his face-whose jealous besides this guy??? Our next “cowboy” dons his hat and boots, and shows he can straddle more than just a horse! His abs are to die for! I’d wash all my dirty underwear on that washboard. Our last boy dons a little color to him, and I do mean little. His little g-string leaves nothing to the imagination, great! :) All in all, another amazing shoot with beautiful boys and some beautiful dicks!